Un Racconto che attraversa due Secoli di Passione


The original recipe from 1892, believed to have been lost for over sixty years, was finally found.

In 2019, the Caterini-Filpo Pharmacy launched Ferrochina del Moro, a modern reinterpretation of the old Ferrochina produced by their great-grandfather Dr. Carmine Caterini.

Ricetta Originale Ferrochina Caterini

Family is a constant in this story:
Farmacia del Moro was its first historical name.

Farmacia del Moro
Farmacia Caterini - Ferrochina del Moro

At its entrance there was a  Gaper which is a wooden head that represents a Moor in the mouth a tablet symbol of the Spezierie from 700.

We are at the foot of Monte Pollino, in Castrovillari since 1892, when Dr. Carmine Caterini created the Ferrochina Caterini, a product that over time managed to collect so much success and interest that it had exceeded territorial borders.

The oldest testimony of Ferrochina Caterini is preserved in the local magazine “La nuova Rivista, quindicinale di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti”, of November 10, 1895, wich praises its qualities of and its spirit:

“Ferro-China Caterini liquors is a tonic preparation, restorative of the blood, which contains properties of China and ferruginous preparations.”

The article continues with the testimonies of true medical celebrities of the time.

Ferrochina Caterini Nuova Rivista 1895 articolo