Sublime alchemy.

Ferrochina del Moro - la storia. Immagine didascalica della ferrochina in farmacia

Perfect synthesis of over two centuries of Family Passion.

Ferrochina del Moro is a philosophy, is perpetuating a tradition, it’s a family story, a family descending from a talented apothecary who has created an unexpected and surprising product from an idea.
Ferrochina represents the will to rediscover the roots of its native land which is its own reflection and of which it boasts of wearing an exclusive typicality.
Ferrochina is a jewel to be kept and shared in precious company.
Continue reading and let us guide you on this wonderful journey to discover its origin.

Castrovillari, 1892. Doctor Carmine Caterini creates the Ferrochina Caterini:
invigorating tonic based on Ferrochina enriched with a mix of medicinal herbs gathered at the foot of Mount Pollino.

Ferrochina Caterini over time managed to obtain success and interest so as to go beyond territorial borders.

The oldest documentation of Ferrochina Caterini is preserved in an article dated November 10, 1895, of the magazine “La nuova Rivista, quindicinale di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti” (fortnightly of Sciences, Letters and Arts), which praises its qualities:

“The Ferro-China Caterini liqueur is a tonic preparation, blood tonic, containing the properties of China and ferruginous preparations.”
The article continues with a series of therapeutic applications.

Ferrochina del Moro - la storia 1
Ferrochina del Moro - la storia. Immagine didascalica della bottiglia di ferrochina nelle mani del dottor Filpo

The genesis of Ferrochina del Moro.

Year 2016. The Filpo brothers discover an ancient notebook containing the original recipe of Ferrochina Caterini.
Memories of a lifetime resurface, the stories heard as children, photographs and prints start resurfacing from another era.
Doctor Ortensia Caterini Filpo, authentic historical memory of the family, confirms it. She remembers everything and tells about the times their grandfather, Carmine Caterini, prepared “a miraculous drink that had become known throughout Italy”.
Given that, they decide to bring new life to the ancient Ferrochina, revisiting and enriching its recipe, giving it a fresh and modern taste.

To honor the historic name of the old grandfather’s pharmacy and to mark the transition of the product from the ancient to the modern age, the Ferrochina Caterini becomes today Ferrochina del Moro.

Moro stands for Moor, in fact at the entrance to their grandfather’s Pharmacy there was a Gaper which is a wooden head depicting a Moor with a pill in his mouth, symbol of the Apothecaries since the 18th century.

The product, initially born to remember ancient times with a few friends, was discovered in a short amount of time by a growing number of passionates so they decided to start a real business.

Ferrochina del Moro - la storia. Immagine didascalica della ferrochina. Bottiglia nella natura